Danny Michel

Venue: Historic Gayety Theatre Collingwood
Date: 30.03.2013


“With two Juno nominations and six solo albums to his credit, Danny Michel is one of the finest and most charming songwriters to grace the stage. His honest and straightforward lyrics, earnest live performances and witty stage banter have earned him a devoted global fan base. If you’ve seen Danny live in concert, you’re probably already a fan. If you haven’t, you are missing out on “one of this country’s undiscovered musical treasures.” (Toronto Star).


When armed with a band, Danny can blow the roof off any venue, but it’s his solo performances that get his fans really excited. His concert album Live in Winnipeg catches Danny in his element: the unpredictability of his one-man live show. Like a chameleon, he slips into any genre with ease, playing off the energy of the crowd. At last, the spontaneity and disarming sincerity of Danny’s live shows have been captured in a recording.


Danny is an innovator, demonstrating that creative artists in the digital age can build a rich, successful and intimate relationship with their fans. He gained publicity in 2008 for making the tracks of his hit single “Feather, Fur & Fin” available for his fans to remix and then posting their submissions on his website. For his birthday this past year, Danny “showed the love” to his grateful fans by offering his entire catalogue of music free for download for the day.


His most recent studio album, Blackbirds Are Dancing Over Me, was created and recorded in Belize and has received a ton of critical praise.  The album was named the #1 album in CKUA’s Top 100 of 2012.  Larry LeBlanc of Billboard magazine wrote, “One of the finest musical works of our time.  This is a career album.”  Kerry Doole of Exclaim Magazine, “The only minor flaw is the disc’s brevity.”


When Danny’s not on the road or recording his own music, he shares his production skills and studio with other talent and is quickly becoming a sought after producer with several albums under his belt. Don’t miss your chance to see this dynamic performer.

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